10 Part Time Jobs to Help Pay Down Debt

Part Time Jobs

The average American is estimated to hold $47,000 in debt. Now, for some debt, like mortgages, it takes time to payoff. However, much of what Americans are using today is credit card debt. By living outside of their means, they are contributing to the growing problem in today’s financial world. The fact many people would like to start paying down debt, but they simply can’t find the extra money in their budget to do so. What is the answer? Well, in some cases, the best answer is to drastically change your lifestyle and cut back on spending. However, many people have done that, and still find themselves unable to gain enough critical mass to make a dent into their debt load. In those cases, the only possible answer is to get extra income somewhere. Below are a number of part-time jobs that are available for any man trying to get his debt paid off quickly, in no particular order.

The 10 Part Time Jobs to Help Pay Down Debt

1.Pizza delivery. Want a job where you get paid every night, get to spend most of your time in the car, and probably get to take home good pizza’s at the end of the night? Well pizza delivery is probably the best bet for you then. There are a ton of pizza joints littered across the country, especially national chains such as Papa John’s and Dominos.

2. Paper route. We aren’t talking about waking up at 6am and getting on your huffy to throw newspapers at houses. These days, adults manage many of these routes as they can cover a lot of ground using their cars. It is a nice early morning job to have before you head off to your 9-5, if you are a morning person that is.

3. Casino dealer. Casinos have started to pop up all across the country as states pass laws legalizing them to help with revenue. Becoming a dealer does take some classroom work, but once out, you can easily start to supplement your income by working nights and weekends at the local gambling spot.

4. Home improvement stores. If you are a handyman and wouldn’t mind some discounts, or being surrounded by tools all day, then getting a job at one of those huge home improvement chains might be a great idea. Many have extended hours or will require overnight shifts for stocking.

5. Waiter. If you don’t mind talking to people all of the time, then being a waiter may be a nice way to spend some evenings while getting a paycheck. This gig isn’t for everyone, but for the right people, it could be a blast.

6. Delivery driver. Ever wonder where all of the food at your local grocery and convenience store come from? Well, someone delivers them in a big truck. Most of the time, it is done very early in the morning or overnight. If you want to be left alone for a few hours, this is the job for you.

7. Toll booth operator. Tolls don’t shut down, so if you need a job during nights or weekends, why not sit at a toll booth sucking in fumes for a few hours? Granted, with electronic passes, the need for toll booth operators has gone down, but they are still required.

8. Wal-Mart. There are Wall-marts everywhere. Most of them are open all of the time, so there are tons of available shifts and hours.

9. Grocery store. Want a job where you show up, throw some things on some shelves, and then go home? Who doesn’t? Stocking shelves is a great way to pass the time if you are relatively physically fit and don’t really like interact with customers.

10. Banquet staff. If your day job or family life doesn’t allow you to work a steady part-time schedule, then getting into the rotation at a banquet staff might be the best approach for you. Typically, you would only work weekends, and you would only work when there are events. The customers are easier to deal with, unlike a normal restaurant.

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