7 Things You Didn’t Know About Amazon.com


Amazon.com, the Seattle-based web store, is named after the Amazon River as a display of its power over typical bookstores, and is the world’s largest online retailer. You most likely have purchased something from the retail giant at one time or another, whether it was an e-book, an MP3 download, or a wrapped gift for a relative. Like most people, you know that Amazon is where you buy stuff. But, you probably didn’t know these seven interesting things about the store.

1. Amazon.com was originally called Cadabra.com

Caldara, as in abracadabra, was the original name of Amazon when its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, turned it into an incorporated business in 1994. It wasn’t until a year later that its name changed to Amazon to set it apart as the leader in the bookstore industry.

2. Amazon makes its own movies and TV series

Amazon has its own movie studios, called Amazon Studios. The project is designed to be a medium for common-day folk without connections in Hollywood to get a great script put into production as a movie or TV series. They have connections with Warner Bros., and if they like your stuff, you very well may be the next big director in Hollywood.

3. Amazon owns big websites such as IMDb and Zappos

Amazon doesn’t just sell books – it is also the proud owner of media outlets and other online retail stores. Some of its biggest investments include IMDb.com, Zappos, Wikia, Pets.com, Alexa.com, Diapers.com, and Casa.com.
4. If you live in Seattle, Amazon will deliver fresh groceries to your door
Amazon also owns a grocery delivery service named Amazon Fresh. You can shop for fresh produce, dairy, meat, and seafood, just as you would at any other grocer, and have it delivered to your door the next day.

5. Amazon makes online social games and mobile apps

In August, 2012, Amazon launched Amazon Game Studios. Its first project is titled “Living Classics,” an online social game that can be found on Facebook, which deals mostly with stories from classic fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland and The Sword in the Stone. Its newest project, titled “Air Patriots,” is a tower defense game for iOS and Android.

6. Amazon will help you publish physical media, such as DVDs, CDs, and books

Amazon also owns CreateSpace.com, in which you can self-publish your own book, CD, or DVD, and have it distributed. They take care of all the hassle for you, and open you up to a large network of potential customers to help get you started.

7. If you’re not home, Amazon can leave your package in a locker at 7-Eleven

Recently, Amazon has been testing a service in which your package can be dropped off at a locker within a retail store, such as 7-Eleven, Staples, or RadioShack. This can be a secure alternative for those who might not be home when the package is delivered, but rather out and about running errands.

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