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Alopecia Areata Causes and Information

Alopecia Areata Causes

Many people have not heard of Alopecia Areata causes, but this is actually one of the worst problems you can have in the world when it comes to hair loss illnesses. The reason that many people have not heard of this illness probably has something to do with the fact that only about 2% of […]

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News About Hair that is Making ‘Head’ Lines

News About Hair

Women of African descent are championing a return to natural hair; the sort that nature blessed them with, and men are now hoping to be able to make good use of their leg hair: to get regenerate head hair and combat baldness! We look at these interesting hair stories that have been making headlines. Leg […]

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IPL for Hair Removal

laser hair removal

What is IPL? IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light, and it is a newly available treatment for hair removal.For hair removal, the client gets into a comfortable position on the treatment table, and a skin care technician moves a hand piece that sends intense pulses of light into the hair shafts within the […]

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Atopic Dermatitis: Eczema in Children

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis(eczema) is a chronic and very common skin condition, that is thought to be a type of skin allergy or severe sensitivity. Other chronic diseases that may be present in sufferers of atopic dermatitis are asthma and hay fever. There are known to be genetic factors at play in atopic dermatitis, as the disease […]

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What is Acne Rosacea?

Acne Rosacea

Acne rosacea is a common skin condition where an individual displays a constant red flushing on their skin, often accompanied by pimple-like lesions known as papules and pustules. This condition is believed to affect 45 million individuals worldwide.The majority of individuals who have rosacea are Caucasian, very often of Celtic descent and have very fair […]

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Good Personal Skin Care is a Daily Routine

Personal Skin Care

Everyone knows the importance of good personal skin care; however, not everyone agrees on what that really means. Opinions vary wildly on what constitutes “best practices” when it comes to a skin care routine.Certain individuals swear that they cannot live without the professional facials and treatments performed by a licensed cosmetician.Others are much more casual […]

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Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care

Good facial skin care is a matter of creating a regimen to address your skin care needs and being consistent in using it. Once you get into a routine of facial skin care, you will notice an improvement of the texture and tone of your skin.​So what does and effective facial skin care program consist […]

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