The Benefits of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo first became popular in the 1970′s as a spray on powder. It was a great product to use back then if you were in a hurry it didn’t do much to help make your hair any healthier and the powdery residual was pretty obvious. Over time the dry shampoo product has come a long way and is made with only the most advanced products used in this type of product.

Dry Shampoo

The modern version of the moldy oldie dry hair shampoo is made with most absorbent ingredients to help absorb the oils in your and while leaving your hair looking and feeling refreshed, clean and smelling great. A dry shampoo spray is a great alternative to washing your hair every day. Daily shampooing removes the necessary oils from your scalp causing it to become dry and flaky. Before you know it you have dry scalp and white flakes showing on dark clothes. People will accuse you have having the dreaded dandruff.

Many, many moons ago dry scalp shampoo was sold in only aerosol form as a powder. When sprayed on your hair instead of leaving it feel fresh and clean instead it left the hair dry, stiff and very difficult to manage. It also left behind a white residue that looked a lot like dried milk. Just like technology and other products dry scalp shampoo has been improved over the last several years. In fact there are even several famous well known stylists who have developed their own version of dry shampoo products under their famous labels. For example Bastille dry shampoo and bumble and bumble dry shampoo are to of the most popular being sold today.

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These products have been designed to meet the needs of both men and women who are always on the go for whatever reason. A dry shampoo product is great for a last minute touch up after a workout at the gym or for just after a long hard day at work before an evening on the town. What better way to freshen up the smell and feel of your hair? There are many people who either don’t like to wash their hair daily or just don’t have the time to wash, dry and style it every day before work so they reach for their new dry hair shampoo, spray brush and they are ready to go. The next time you go for a hair cut discuss this form of dry shampoo with your stylist and see what they recommend.

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