Chest Hair Removal – Many Options

In the past very few men worried about chest hair but those days have gone. Today it is becoming more and more common for men to seek chest hair removal and there is a huge market in providing these services. In this article I’ll be going through some of the different forms of male chest hair removal so that you can make the right to decision as to which one is best for you.

Chest Hair Removal

We’ll start with probably the most painful option – waxing. This can be performed in your own home but you are probably better off getting it done at a beauty salon. While this will cost more money the waxing is more likely to be performed correctly and with the least amount of pain. Waxing works by putting hot wax onto your chest and then using a cloth to rip it off – removing both the wax and the hair. However waxing is not permanent and the hair will always grow back.

A more expensive but very effective option is laser chest hair removal. This uses a laser beam to kill the hair follicles in the skin preventing regrowth. While for some people this results in permanent chest hair removal it does depend on the type of skin that you have as well as other factors such as color of hair. Generally you will need more than one session to get all of the chest hair and each session will cost hundreds of dollars – laser hair removal chest procedures are expensive!

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Electrolysis is another form of treatment that can offer permanent hair removal in some cases although again there is never any guarantee as each man is different. You will need more than one treatment spread over a period of time to get the full benefit though – sometimes this can take up to a year. Electrolysis is usually the second most expensive kind of treatment for chest hair after laser treatment, especially as it usually requires many different sessions.

If you think that waxing sounds too painful and laser treatment too expensive then there are other options, they just aren’t as effective. For example you might just want to trim your chest hair regularly to keep it under control rather than trying to get rid of it for good as this is much cheaper and easier – not to mention less painful! If you do decide to go for laser treatment make sure you talk to people who have used a certain clinic before to make sure it has a good reputation. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to chest hair removal.

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