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Disc Sander

A disc sander is sometimes called a palm sander. The fact is that most palm sanders are disc sanders, but a majority of disc sanders are table-mounted models with high-speed wheels which spin. Other models are mounted belt disc sanders, or hand-held disc sanders that can be used in confined spaces. Most disc sanders provide for adjustable trays or feeds to help get the job with minimum effort. Disc sanders are great for coarse sanding and light grinding, and often have different types of discs designed to accomplish various functions.

In disc sanders, there are a wide range of sizes available. From largest to smallest, the standard disc sander sizes are: 20″ disc sander, 12″ disc sander, 6″ disc sander, and the 5″ disc sander. Large disc sizes are available in hand-held models as well, but most people find the smaller sizes are more than equal to any manual sanding task. A large spinning disc can be quite a chore to control when centrifugal force kicks in.

Most major construction tool companies have a disc sander available, including companies like Black & Decker and Ryobi, two of the best known names in home repair and general carpentry. Of the manufacturers on the market, two have displayed a loyal following consistently in reviews and consumer ratings. The following companies are featured because of their popularity in reviews and the unique capabilities each company brings to the market with their innovative engineering designs.

Makita Disc Sanders

The Makita disc sander accepts a wide range of disc types, from polishing pads to grinding or cutting discs. It features a simple push-button locking mechanism to allow quickly changing the disc, and can be used for long periods continuously. With a variable speed of up to 3000 RPM, the Makita disc sander has the power to accomplish even the toughest tasks. On construction sites, the familiar Makita disc sander is popular with many different trades because it offers so many functional applications.

Grizzly Disc Sanders

One of the best table top sanders is the Grizzly disc sander. The 12″ disc sander has a vertical spinning disc and a convenient tray to place material on as you are working it on the sander. This table can tilt up to 45 degrees; the Grizzly disc sander includes a miter gauge and has non-slip rubber feet for accurate detail. While the unit is built to be easily mounted to a permanent location or work table, it is built of high-grade, light-weight materials making it light enough to be portable when necessary.

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