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When you are suffering from hair loss, whether you are a man or woman you are in the market to find the product that can provide faster hair growth than all the others. Let’s face it when it comes the hair loss, in men or women, patience is not a virtue. This is probably more true for women than men. Remember though men have one option that women don’t and that is they can shave their heads and look good afterward. Some even look better bald than with hair. Don’t get me wrong there are men that feel their hair is their best feature just like women.

Hair Growth

In order to use the most natural products the first thing most people look for is vitamins for faster hair growth. It makes sense that hair loss it natures response to stresses or some other environmental issue is a persons life. It is believed to be better and less loss of hair if the vitamins that are known for preventing hair loss are used before the hair loss begins. This is a double edge sword though because if you over do your vitamin intake your body’s response is hair loss, the one thing you are taking the vitamins to help prevent.

There is one vitamin that has been proven to help prevent hair loss are the B vitamins. It is believed these vitamins are the best because they contain important nutrients that the body needs. These nutrients include, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Inositol, Zinc, Sulfur, and Biotin. There have been scientific tests conducted using these vitamins in experiments for decreasing hair loss in lab animals. Tests proved that those with low levels of magnesium in their diet suffered from hair loss. Keep in mind that before beginning any treatment for hair loss you consult your doctor so blood tests can be done and it will be confirmed the reason for the loss so you will be able to get the proper treatment.

Beware of faster hair growth products that claim to be the best and will guarantee that they will not only cure your hair loss but they will also prevent you from every losing your hair again. These products can be anything from creams to faster hair growth shampoos. When you discover thinning hair see your doctor for testing to make sure that it is only stress related and then discuss the best hair loss treatment for your problem.

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