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Floor Sander

The floor sander is available in most types, belt, disc, random orbit, and even drum sanders are mounted on a heavy-duty platform with wheels, and used for sanding or polishing large flat surfaces. Disc sanders are perhaps the most common type of flood sander, but it is not uncommon to see a belt-style hardwood floor sander, and drum floor sanders are used in industrial settings on a regular basis.

The Leading Floor Sander – Clarke-American

The Clarke-American, sometimes simply called the Clarke floor sander, is far and away the most popular floor sander company on the market. The company provides the whole range of floor sander types, including a wheeled belt sander that can be used for removing the finish of hardwood floor to the orbital disc sanding required for a smooth and silky final finish of after-seal buffing. The company even produces a floor edging sander, rounding out the complete assortment of tools needed for floor sanding, stripping, and polishing.

Wood Floor Sanders

In a typical wood floor sander, look for a model with an orbiting pad. This type of sander moves in a circular direction, and won’t harm the grain of wood. Be careful to avoid too much pressure when buffing a floor with an orbital sander, as this could result in “circular streaks” on finely polished surfaces. On the other hand, if you are stripping the old finish off, use a more intense sander, such as a belt or drum style floor sander.

Floor Sanders in General

What you need to keep in mind with floor sanders is that they cover the whole gamut of flooring, from deep stripping grinders to polishing models that can be used to add shine to tile, wood or other flooring. Depending on where the phrase is being used, a floor sander and a floor buffer could be the same piece of equipment, with a different type of sanding pad to achieve a different goal.

Full Service Floor Sanders

Despite the different types and applications of sander tool, they are indispensable for all types of flooring, including the regular maintenance of a smooth-finish concrete slab. Tile companies often use power tools sanders as a leveling tool before the installation, and then change the pads and use the tool again after the installation to give the floor a final sheen before wrapping up the job.

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