Good Personal Skin Care is a Daily Routine

Everyone knows the importance of good personal black skin care; however, not everyone agrees on what that really means. Opinions vary wildly on what constitutes “best practices” when it comes to a skin care routine.

Certain individuals swear that they cannot live without the professional facials and treatments performed by a licensed cosmetician.

Others are much more casual in their approach to skin care, and get by with applying a product now and then as they feel their skin requires it.

In contrast to this casual approach to skin care, there are others that are consumed with purchasing the latest development in skin care creams or lotions “guaranteed” to make their skin look fresher, lovelier, and acne and/or wrinkle-free.

But personal skin care does not have to be overly complicated nor overly expensive to be effective.

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Mainly, good personal skin care consists of finding products that work with, not against, your skin type, and following a daily regimen of application.

Before selecting a skin care line, you should closely examine the characteristics of your skin to determine the best choices for products. Is your skin oily and acne prone? Is is dry and tight? Are you concerned about the fine lines that are showing up with alarming regularity? You need to think about all of these factors before making your trip to the store.

To follow is a skin care routine that will work for individuals with normal skin types.

Cleansing is the first thing on the agenda for normal skin types. Cleansers consist of three main ingredients: oils, waters and surfactants, which act as wetting agents that make cleansers more effective at removing surface impurities. The oil and surfactants in cleansers help extract dirt from the pores and enable them to be easily rinsed away.

You may have to try a few different cleansers to find one that works effectively to remove dirt and make-up without over-drying your skin.

A soap-free cleanser is a must because soap has a tendency to dry out the skin too much, which can lead to a flaking and dull complexion.

Best Natural Skin Care

Always follow a cleanser with plenty of splashes of luke-warm water to remove all traces of cleanser and impurities from the skin’s surface.

Twice-daily cleansing of skin is more than adequate. Too frequent cleansing can lead to dryness and damage.

The next step in a routine for normal skin is exfoliation. Skin renews itself in a cycle where older skin cells are pushed to the surface of the skin and are replaced by new skin cells.

Exfoliation removes old, dead skin cells and hastens the renewal process of the skin. Removing the dead skin cells increases the skin’s receptiveness to the ingredients in skin care products and keeps the complexion from looking grey and tired.

After cleansing the skin, an exfoliant cream or lotion is applied in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. It is not necessary to exfoliate every day, particularly if you have a tendency towards dry skin.

Once or twice a week to exfoliate is plenty; but oilier skin types can withstand more frequent exfoliation that should not exceed four times per week. You may find that hot and humid conditions make your skin oilier than normal, so more frequent exfoliation than normal may be necessary.

A very important aspect of a personal skin care routine is the use of a good moisturizer. Even those individuals with oily complexions benefit from the daily use of a water-based moisturizer.

Moisturizers seal moisture into the skin cells, and also attract moisture from the environment to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy. But too liberal applications of moisturizers can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

If you are applying so much moisturizer that it cannot be rapidly absorbed by the skin, you need to use much less. Typically, you should be able to judge the effects of any moisturizer after using it exclusively and consistently for a week’s time.

It is always more beneficial to apply moisturizer to skin which is still damp after cleansing to lock more moisture into the skin cells.

An often-overlooked, yet critical aspect of skin care is daily use of a sunscreen to protect the skin from the aging and damaging effects of the UV rays in sunlight.

Many moisturizers come with built-in sunscreens to help you skip applying sunscreen in a separate step. It is important to use a sunscreen on a daily basis, whether or not the sky is sunny, or whether or not it is summer or winter.

Knowing your skin’s characteristics will help you to determine the right products for you. Using these products routinely and consistently can lead to skin with a younger, more even appearance.

If you are finding that no matter what skin care product line you choose that you have persistent acne breakouts, rashes or redness, consult a dermatologist to see if you have an underlying skin disorder that needs to be addressed.

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