Best Google Adsense Alternative Combination for Bloggers

Best Adsense Alternative Combination

Hi bloggers/webmasters, building and maintaining a website could be a hardship, so getting some extra money from advertising networks will be a nice reward to make us happy and motivate us to make our websites become popular all over the Internet. Adsense is the best advertising network that I have ever known, however it has very strict rules and guidelines that will suspend or disable any publishers at any moment if it detects you violating its rules.

Alternative Combination

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My purpose of this lens is neither about Adsense nor about alternative advertising networks. It is about my experience of combining the adsense alternatives to get the maximum earnings for you as much as possible. That means I am using the advertising networks on my websites together. If you like you can do the same as me.. I will also try to give you some tips on how to customize banners, place ads and apply mobile ads (possible of best earning source).

1. Infolinks

best alternative to adsense with good earning

Infolinks is the best in-text advertising on the present market. Some bloggers say that infolinks has very low paying rate because they receive tens of clicks but what they receive is lower than 1$. It’s not totally correct because the click rate depends on what sources of traffic you get and its conversion rate as well. A good click can earn you even 1$, but a normal click earns only 0.01$. From my experience, I choose infolinks because it is my highest earning source so far. For maximum earning with infolinks, you should activate your blogs’ mobile view and embed your infolinks code to each of your posts so that you can see infolinks ads on mobile view and double your infolinks earning. 5-10$/ day from a website of 5000 visitors daily is quite easy to earn. If you are using an Android device, it will be great because Infolinks has integrated a real-time tracking earning section that is only available for Android app.

2. Bidvertiser

the 2nd best with wide range of banners and ads options

Bidvertiser is ranked #2 as the best options to adsense alternatives. With Bidvertiser you can add banners or add popups / sliders ads to your blogs to maximize your earnings. Bidversiter uses a point system, then convert the points to money. They do not count clicks, but the point system is a combination of clicks and quality traffic. If you do not get any clicks, however you can still earn from your visitors. A good click, you can earn 1 – 2$ with ease. Of course, you can’t get it daily, but for a month you can get it several times. You may take a look at one of my blog to see how banners are organized to maximize your earning: Best Happy Birthday Videos on Youtube.

3. Kontera

same as infolinks

Kontera is also a good network for you to combine with the above Adsense alternatives. Its paying rate changes daily. I do not get much from Kontera like Infolinks, but combining it with Infolinks can be a good way to maximize your earning. My Kontera earning is usually 1/3 of Infolinks earning.

I just get a notice from Kontera that it is not recommended to use both Kontera and Infolinks in a same blog because it is against their TOS. It is better to try them both, then it depends on you to decide which one you like to use.

4. Adfly

Good for download contents or high visitor bloggers

Adfly is the best paid link shortener, where you can get paid for every visitor who visit/download your contents. If your website is designed for purpose of sharing files or download contents, you can get a good amount of earning from adfly with ease. My blog has about 2k downloads daily and it brings back about 1-1.5$/day. It’s good, isn’t it? Also, you can earn from your visitors when they visit your blogs by embedding an adfly code to your blogs. From blogger view point, I don’t like that because it is kind of annoying, so I do not embed the code to my blogs. Just shortening my links and getting downloads are fine with me.

5. Chitika

not much but enough to make you happy

Chikita was one of the best well-known adsense alternative, however now some bloggers are not interested in the network anymore because of its huge decrease in paying rate. Anyway, as long as I can get some extra from the site, I do not really care about that. For increasing chitika earning, it is better to put the ads near download contents or at the end of the post.

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