Some Important Hair Brush Basics

Everyone owns a hair brush or two. Everyone also knows that it is important to brush your hair on a daily basis. Hair brushing is the best way to keep the oils in your scalp moving throughout your hair and preventing your scalp from becoming flaky and dry creating white flakes all over you dark clothes. There are all kinds of hair brushes to choose from today. There are those that are made to be part of a blow dryer so you can curl you hair as you dry it giving your hair style more body and lift. If you have thick curly hair a blow dry brush also help control the unruliness of curly hair.

Hair Brush Basics

In fact today there is a new and improved rotating hair brush on the market that is known for its ability to smooth unruly curly hair and to hair fine thin hair a lot of extra volume and lift as it dries the hair. This hair brush also gives hair a lustrous shine. This one item will replace your curling iron and flat iron completely. This rotating hair brush is a combination of a flat iron and curling iron all rolled into one great product. It isn’t as harsh or damaging to your hair as using the heat from the blow dryer to dry your hair, then using a flat iron to straighten it and then a curling iron to give the ends a little curl.

This is way to much heat on your hair and over time it will eventually dry your hair out making it look dull and flat no matter what you do to it or use on it. For those with a short hair cut where you can just wash and go it is still important for you own one or two hair brushes as well. In fact one of the best known names in the world of hair brushes is Goody hair brush. This name has been around for decades and is mostly associated with a variety of bristle brushes.

A boar bristle hair brush is the best type of bristle hair brush to be used by men. For men who have curly or wavy hair a boar bristle flat brush will work best with this type of hair. A boar bristle hair brush is a much more softer natural bristle that when used on hair won’t scrape or scratch their scalp.

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