Hair Care Basics: Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair care is an important but often overlooked aspect of both health and beauty. A lot of people think that it only pertains to one’s looks, but in fact you hair is part of your body and therefore can inherently have impacts on one’s overall health. This should not be disregarded, however today we’re going to cover hair care more in its beauty or cosmetic aspects.

Hair Care Basics

The most basic aspect of this practice revolves around shampooing one’s hair. The amount of products out there that cater to this segment of the population, especially amongst women, has literally exploded as time has worn on. Travel through the “body” aisle of any supermarket or pharmacy and you will see what I mean. (I’m sure you have already done so.) It is truly astounding. Different makers include: Pantene (Pro-V, etc.), Herbal Essences (which has a wild assortment of bottle designs obviously aimed at a younger female), Tresemme, and many others which aren’t coming to mind right at this moment.

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Hair care is a booming industry where thousands of companies and types are continually vying for high-visibility shelf space just about wherever they can find it. This competition is good for the woman consumer, as it tends to being prices down a bit overall, as well as the fact that she can cash in whenever there is a sale on her favorite shampoo or conditioner.

But maybe you have never really inquired into what shampoo and conditioner really are. And what do they really do for your hair? Well, shampoo is really nothing but a “specialized” form of soap. Over time scientists and engineers, as well as nutritionists, have altered shampoo from its original form into a higher-performing, better smelling version of itself. (They have also learned how to bottle, market, and sell it a lot, too.) This item removes the dirt, sweat, oil, and whatever else is in one’s hair in order to clean it up and simultaneously make it look better. Most women don’t wash their hair everyday because with all that hair it can take quite a long time.

Finally, let’s take a look at shampoo’s hair care twin: conditioner. What is conditioner and what does it do for you? As its name implies, it smoothest the hair to make it softer and give it a flow and consistency. This product also balances out the de-acidifying effects that took place when you originally cleaned your hair. In other words, it will combat the previous drying tendency that took place.

These are the most basic facts of hair care. Once you understand the points above, you will be able to many things with your hair’s beauty and health that you hadn’t even dreamed of before.

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