Hair Curlers And The Many Modern Options

I remember when there was a time when if you wanted to do your hair at home you had very few options. In fact I remember my Mom and my Aunt setting their hair on hair curlers and to help hold the curl they would use a little dip-pity doo gel on each strand of hair before they rolled it. They would then wrap their hair in a head scarf or toilet paper and sleep on those hard rollers all night long in order to have perfect hair in the morning. The beauty salons used the same technique on their clients they would wash and set their clients hair and then the client would have to set under an electric hair dryer till their curls were dry enough to take down and style. There was also a lot of hairspray used back then to hold the hairstyle in place until the next weeks hair appointment to get it done all over again. This was the method of hairstyling for the fifties and sixties.

Hair Curlers

Today the modern woman uses a blow dryer to dry her hair at home and then sets it on electric hair curlers. Now a days women have a lot of different types of hair rollers curlers to choose from. There are curling irons, hot rollers, foam rollers and even ceramic hair curlers. Whatever your preferred method of curling your hair as long as you know how to use that particular method properly your hair will look great every time. Pick the hair curler method you feel most comfortable with. Keep one thing in mind you may want to find a couple of different methods to style your hair that you will be comfortable with because if you prefer heat styles they can dry your hair out or even cause damage to it causing it to become brittle and break off. Before using any kind of heat to style your hair you will want to be sure to use a good conditioning spray on your hair as well as a no frizz or heat shielding conditioner to protect your hair shaft from any damages.

The methods of styling your hair at home or the beauty salons have come a long way baby. There are tools on the market that you can use so you don’t have a lot of expenses at the salon each week. You can do your hair curlers at home and it will look great.

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