What You Know About Hair Dye Colors ?

There are lots of different reasons why you might want to use hair dye. Whether you’re looking to cover up your grey hairs or just want to have a completely new look for a special occasion there are lots of different hair dye colors to choose from. While on the one hand this is good news because it means you have a large amount of control over the final color of hair it does mean it can be difficult to make a final choice. In this article I’ll be going through some of the more common types of hair dye colors although you should remember that each of these colors has a large amount of different shades.

Hair Dye Colors

The most common kind of hair dye color is blond. There are two main types of blond hair dye, the natural look and the bleached blond look. The bleached blond look has become quite fashionable in recent times although you do have to be careful not to overdo it.

If you want to get a hair dye color with greater shock value then black might be the color for you. Needless to say, no matter which color hair you previously have if you arrive at an event with pure black hair it is going to cause people to look! However you can also get a “lighter” black color which appears much more natural.

Red is another kind of hair dye color that is becoming more popular. Again it can have a great shock value if you go for bright red but can also be toned down to just a hint of red. Often it is mixed with a darker color such as brown or black to make sure it isn’t too bright.

These are some of the main colors when getting your hair dyed but they aren’t the only ones. If you want to go for a much more extreme color then pink, green and bright blue are all options! Often they look better as highlights rather than a full dye but the choice is yours.

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