Hair Implants – Stopping Baldness One Follicle At a Time

We’ve all seen the sitcoms that used to make fun of hair plugs; the show makes fun of how bad they look, showing a row of single hairs that are supposed to look like new hair growth but looks terribly fake. Thankfully that is just TV engaging in old superstitions and hyperbole. Hair implants these days are amazing compared to when they were first introduced. People that have been through the procedure have found that it is virtually impossible to tell that they were ever bald. Hair implants for women are just as effective as hair implants for men too.

Hair Implants

If a doctor was to do a hair implant surgery one follicle per visit, you’d be visiting them for the rest of your life. The truth is they will transplant thousands of hairs from the back of the head to the balding spot. The back of the head is known as a permanent spot to harvest hair from, the reason being that the normal hormonal changes which cause baldness don’t generally affect that area of the head. The procedure is usually an outpatient procedure done in the doctor’s office. It takes about a year for the entire process to be completed though. The transplanted hair is inserted in groups of one to four, which is how hair normally grows and the doctor will insert the hair in a way so that it grows the way hair naturally grows. The transplanted hair itself will die off rather soon, but new hairs will begin to grow in, though they won’t have much pigmentation, but over the year span the hair will eventually grow in with the appropriate color and fullness as if there had never been any baldness. While hair implants cost can be a deterrent it is possible to find a quality doctor at a reasonable price and worth the money for a permanent cure.

Taking the time to consider hair implants is important, especially compared to other solutions. With the technology today, you are looking at a real solution which can remove the stress and embarrassment of baldness. The more you research hair implants the more you will find that it is one of the best cures and one that stands the test of time. No longer are hair plugs a joke for the unaware, they have become a real technology that can return a full head of hair. Looking into hair implants will give you a gateway to returning the lost self esteem that goes along with baldness.

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