Hair Straightening Tips

If you are thinking about looking into hair straightening tips because your mane is a frizzy unruly curly mess then you should know that there are all kinds of different types of hair straightening you can have done. One of the most popular is Japanese hair straightening which is a method of doing thermal reconditioning and even though it is very popular you might want to thoroughly research it before having it done on your hair. The Japanese for of straightening hair came about in the late nineties and is done by a chemical process with products made in Japan that are known by the names of Liscio, Yiko and a product made in the United States called Bio Ionics. This particular treatment can several hours to complete, from three to six hours. This is also a very expensive procedure ranging from three hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars depending on where it is done. The end result is permanent hair straightening and after four to six months you will have to treat any new hair growth.

Hair Straightening Tips

The Brazilian hair straightening is often sought out by girls or women who have kinky, curly, wavy or ethnic hair. All the stars are seeking out this form of hair straightening for their own hair. The length of time it takes for this particular method to take hair to the most beautiful it has looked ever is about 2 hours and the time it takes depends completely on the length of your hair. The results of this chemical hair straightening lasts about four months. The chemicals used for the Brazilian hair straightening process is keratin based. Keratin is a type of protein that is high in amino acid cysteine and sulfur. This protein is very important in strong healthy hair.

Most hair straightening products will leave your hair feeling softer and straighter and stronger than it was before. The new improved strength is a result of the protein, keratin that is a major part of the chemicals used for the Brazilian hair straightening process. Brazilian hair straightening is not a permanent straightener for your hair but is a natural treatment. Natural means it is much safer and a healthier alternative for your hair than the chemical treatments such as Japanese hair straightening calls for. Talk to you stylist and find out if he or she thinks your hair is a good candidate before having any hair straightening products used on your hair.

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