Hair Transplant Costs – Things to be Considered

If you have tried all the over the counter, prescription, and natural hair restoration products you may be thinking about looking in to hair plugs or a hair transplant. After all the money you have already spent on the other treatments that didn’t work you may be running low on funds and concerned about hair transplant costs. If you are considering this more permanent procedure to help you with your problem with hair loss or baldness then you should understand the procedure itself as well as the costs and risks involved.

Hair Transplant Costs

The cost of hair transplant have become very expensive. Over time several hair transplant clinics have been opened, competition has increased so the price of hair transplant procedures or hair grafting have decreased. The competition in the hair loss market has not only created a decrease in hair transplant surgery cost but an improvement in the hair transplants. Transplants that are being done right now are much thicker, give a look of more fullness and a more natural look than they used to. The original cost of hair transplant procedures was about $15 per hair graft and a few hundred hair grafts were done per session.

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The hair transplant cost for an individual’s particular baldness or hair loss situation depends on the number of grafts they will need and can be determined through a consultation by a doctor at a reputable hair transplant clinic. Since consultation sessions are free you may want to do a little comparison shopping by visiting several clinics to get an idea of an average price for hair grafts and the best clinic that will offer the procedure that will help clear up your hair loss or baldness. Just as in any other type of procedures there are clinics that may not be as reputable as others or may charge more exorbitant prices than others.

You will want to know how much does hair transplant cost before you step into the room to begin the procedure of your hair grafts. Hair transplant pricing averages anywhere from $4.00 to $7.00 for each hair graft with most clinics using an average amount of $5 per hair graft. If you take your time and look around you may find a hair transplant clinic that may be more affordable just beware that not all hair transplant clinics are legitimate and could cause your hair loss or baldness more harm than good.

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