Hair Weaves For A Dramatic Style Change

If you want to have a completely different look to your hair for a night out or big event then hair weaves might be the answer. There are many different hair weave styles though so you need to think a bit about which style is your favorite as well as which suits the occasion best. It’s often easier to think about the type of hair you’d like to have and then find a weaving technique that will allow you to do this rather than looking at hair weave styles and trying to pick your favorite.

Hair Weaves

There is some confusion about what a human hair weave actually is though. Hair weaving simply refers to a method of attaching synthetic hair to already existing hair so achieve a different style or look. For example a hair weave might be used to instantly extend the amount of hair a person has or to achieve a greater level of volume. There is a large range of different things that can be achieved with hair weaves and they aren’t just for women – some men use hair weaves to get a certain hair style or to cover up the first signs of balding.

One of the first questions you might ask is where does this hair come from? In some cases it is human hair that is grown in places such as China by women who get paid to do so. Human hair weave is then treated in different ways to get a specific style or color. For example if you want a black hair weave you’ll be able to find a human weave.

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There are also different levels of quality when buying hair weaves. The two main ones are Remy and non-Remy hair weaves. A Remy hair weave is any hair where you can find the cuticle intact which allows hair to have its natural look. In non-Remy hair the roots and tips are not in any particular arrangement. Non Remy hair is usually much cheaper than Remy so it is still popular even though it won’t have the same natural look as Remy hair weaves.

The price of the hair weave you buy will depend on many different factors such as the quality of hair, whether it is synthetic or human and what kind of hair it is. You’ll also have to pay for a hair salon to have your hair weave put in.

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