Henna Hair Dye – A Natural and Herbal Method of Color

You have decided you want to try henna hair dye. Henna is a great product for your hair. It will strengthen as well as bring out the most beautiful natural colors that your hair has. You will be surprised to find your natural hair color has shades of copper, browns, auburn, reds and even burgundies. Your hair will be much thicker, full of lustrous shine and voluminous. These are the things most every woman wants to have in her hair.

Hair Dye

Don’t read this and just run out to get henna hair dyes to put in your hair because you think these shades, lustrous shine and volume will just appear. There are some things you need to take into consideration before using this type of dye on your hair. For example have you recently chemically treated your hair with other hair dyes or permanent products? Or if you are thinking about perming your hair later down the road you need to stop and reconsider using henna hair dyes.

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While henna hair dyes are great for your hair they are great when used with other chemical hair treatments. If you mix henna and chemical hair treatments in any way you will end up with green hair or something even worse. So before coloring your hair you will want to know how to dye hair with henna and make sure you wait a minimum of thirty days before you put it on your hair. It is important to know that once henna dye is used it could remain on your hair for at least a year. Be sure before you venture down this road.

If you want to color your hair with henna dye you make want to look at colors like black henna hair dye or even red henna hair dye. You should know that red is the most popular choice in henna hair dyes. This is the favorite of the henna colors because red has the least additives and is safest to use. Black henna is okay but before you use it make sure that it is made with indigo and remember that when it comes to black you want to avoid black henna with Para-Phenylenediamine because it can be very harmful. Henna hair dye is a great healthy way to color your hair but just make sure you do your homework so you will guarantee getting the color you want not a color that makes you look like a clown.

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