Natural Hair Restoration Options

It doesn’t matter whether you are already undergoing a hair restoration treatment in order to treat thinning hair you can still turn to vitamins to help with this process. The lack of vitamins can be one of the main causes of hair loss or thinning hair. Natural hair restoration usually consists of trying to restore the deficiencies the body suffers by adding balanced nutrients so you will not only be able to slow the loss but if taken properly the natural supplements will also help keep the healthy hair in its healthy state. You should try natural supplements before resorting to procedures such as laser hair restoration.

Hair Restoration

Some good natural hair restoration products should include use of Vitamin A Antioxidants, B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Benefits of these Supplements

Vitamin A Antioxidants will help keep the oils in your scalp at a healthy level in order the help you scalp do its job by keeping your hair soft and damage free. In order to maintain the proper levels of this vitamin it is recommended a consumption of 5,000 IU in order to stay healthy and help in prevention of thinning hair. You can achieve the proper levels by taking a supplement or it can be added through your diet. In order to get more Vitamin A antioxidant through diet you will just need to add more meats, cheeses, cabbage and spinach as well as fruit such as peaches.

B Complex Vitamins or Niacin aka vitamin B3 if consumed and maintained in proper amounts will help improve the blood circulation in your scalp. The quality of each strand of hair will improve as well as increasing its span of life. In order to get the recommended 15 mg of Niacin every day you should consume meats, whole grains, and nuts. Vitamins B5 and B6 are also all natural hair restoration supplements that help prevent both hair loss and other signs of aging.

Another good supplement good for natural hair restoration nutrient for women and men is Vitamin E. This vitamin increases the circulation of blood to your scalp. Recommended consumption is 400 IU if you are taking it to stop your hair from thinning. A diet that include dried beans, leafy green veggies and wheat germ oil is a diet that covers intake of Vitamin E foods. As a cautionary not you will want to talk to your doctor before taking this vitamin as it is known to prevent blood from clotting and can increase blood pressure.

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As you can see there are many Natural hair restoration products worth considering.

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