Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non surgical hair replacement doesn’t have to just be about buying a wig, there are many modern treatments that are more advanced than this. While there is no guarantee for curing baldness, non surgical hair replacement for men and women is becoming a much more realistic proposition. But how do non surgical treatments work and how do they differ from the traditional method of using a wig? Are there also options for non surgical hair replacement for women? How much do these treatments cost?

Hair Replacement

There are a variety of different options when looking for non surgical hair replacements but many of them work in a similar way. The general idea is that a thin layer of material is attached to the persons scalp. This thin layer also contains human hair and is then treated in such a way to blend it in with any existing hair on the scalp. This kind of non surgical hair replacement system can be very effective and often looks natural so you shouldn’t worry about it looking strange if performed correctly.

The same non surgical treatments can be used on women as well as men and be just as effective. While more men use non surgical hair replacements there is no reason at all why women shouldn’t use it too.

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Non surgical hair replacement doesn’t come cheap though although the exact price will depend on which treatment you need and where you are getting it performed. In general you will not pay more than £1000 for the treatment. Always make sure you get an exact breakdown of the different costs involved before you start the treatment so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs later down the line. If the clinic you are getting the treatment with refuses to give you an exact amount for the cost of the treatment then you should be very cautious about proceeding with them.

The great thing about non surgical hair replacement is that you won’t have to worry about hair loss in the future. When you have surgery for hair replacement it relies on taking existing hair from the scalp and moving it around. This means that if you lose hair in the future you’ll probably need more surgery – non surgical treatment doesn’t have this problem. Non surgical hair replacement is definitely something that you should consider before going down the surgery route as it can be very effective.

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