What is Dandruff Caused By and How do I Get Rid of It?

If you are trying to figure out what is dandruff caused by so that you can get rid of it then you have found the right page. There are a few different causes of dandruff that you will want to be aware of. By knowing what these causes are you will be able to not only get rid of dandruff but you will also be able to prevent it from coming back. By the time you have finished reading the following information you will be able to start fighting your dandruff problem and will be on your way to having a healthy scalp.

What is Dandruff

The main cause of dandruff is a dry scalp. Dandruff is small dead pieces of skin that form when your scalp does not have enough moisture. There are several things that can cause your scalp to get dry and for dandruff to form. One of the causes of a dry scalp is the shampoo that you use. If you go to the grocery store or department store and pick up the first bottle of shampoo that smells good then you are likely making a mistake. Most of the shampoo products that are being sold in stores are synthetically blended and contain chemicals that are more harmful than good for your hair. A lot of shampoos have drying agents in them that not only dry out your scalp but also strip your hair of its natural moisture.

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To get rid of dandruff there are a number of things you can do. One way to eliminate dandruff is by using hot oil treatments on your scalp. All you need to do is get some hot mineral oil and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. If you do this once or twice a week you will be able to get rid of dandruff very quickly. There are a few other ways that you can moisturize your scalp as well, but hot oil treatments will give you some fast results.

Now that you know what dandruff is caused by and you know one way to get rid of it, you should be able to stop it from coming back. All you need to do is make sure you are using the right type of shampoo such as an organic shampoo that does not have any synthetically blended chemicals and use hot oil treatments to help add moisture to your scalp. If you do these things you will be able to get rid of dandruff and keep it from coming back.

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